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Monday, July 5, 2010

While blasting my favorite artists from my iPod, I suddenly realized that music has a lasting impression on how I view fashion; I realized that often, when listening to music, I imagine the style of the music and incorporating it into a collection of outfits... I find that sometimes, when I listen to a particularly inspiring song, I tend to plan a whole collection of outfits in my head! yes, yes.. i know a little silly!
So, my somewhat insanely difficult idea, was to use those songs that I love and make a music video (i guess that's the only thing to call it) of inspirational outfits. Basically, a video of me and my friends wearing themed clothing with music blasting in the background. (I'm not sure if this is really sounding that ground-breaking or intriguing. I can see it all in my head, and from there, it looks good!)
Anyways, last night was one of the foggiest nights to ask for on the 4th of July, so of course there was no possible way to see fireworks. I doubt we could have seen them if they had been down the street. My family, my friend, and I, in an attempt to join in on the festivities, went out into the backyard, which was freezing, and lit some sparklers. I had the brilliant idea of recording the festivities (i was hoping to use some of the footage for one of the music videos). We threw on some dresses without really worrying about what we looked like, grabbed my little camera, and hurried out to the backyard. After standing in the freezing cold (despite the fact it was the dead of summer), we finally got to film ourselves running around and having fun. Thankfully, the cold was bearable enough, so we look like we're just having a fun, summery, 4th of July. Filmed on my less than advanced camera, I was able to produce a somewhat shaky and difficult to see video montage rolling to the more appropriate beats of Gold Gun Girls by Metric. This experiment, to say in the least, is a rough cut, but still helpful! It isn't really what I have in mind for the real music videos, just something to give myself a little idea of the future task I am attempting. Hopefully, I will be able to master the use of iMovie by August... here's hoping!

Unfortunately, I have to wait till August before I can begin any music video work .... it's a depressingly long time away! So, while I continue to bite my nails and count down the days till August. I'll leave with you readers with this x:


Anonymous said...

love the video idea!! i think you could make such good videos because you are sooo creative and you are really into fashion and music. btw i really like this video- the music goes together with it sooo well and it looks so put together!! love it! x

Anonymous said...

yeah this video is so legit!!