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Thursday, July 29, 2010

it's all a little obscura and catchy

I have been living with very spotty internet for the past week. Due to this, I did not bothered trying to post anything. It would have taken about an hour to load.. or it might have just never loaded.. I am also having trouble uploading pictures too, which means im going to have to make a new post when i am able to get the pictures working. Waah so many problems!

Anyways, are there any Bowie or Stooges fans out there? Well, if you're a fan, look no further than at the new Barneys CO-OP line with your favorite 70's and 80's band. I have to say that I'm pretty excited by this! (im a big fan of 70's and 80's music these days)
this will give you guys an idea of the tees:

i know that i keep posting music... and i promise this isn't going to be a habit! i just am obsessed with this band right now. OK, so really im obsessed with three bands: One Night Only, Metric, Camera Obscura (new) I would just consider this the music of summer for me. Almost every week now I discover another band! It's starting to be a problem since i still cannot spend money on itunes!
introducing CAMERA OBSCURA. it's a fairly unknown band, however with a lot of potential!

What do you guys think of the tees? Will you guys be buying any? Are you a fan of Camera Obscura?


Anonymous said...

yeah, i actually am a fan of camera obscura!

Diana said...

i've never head of them before! they have a really cool sound :}

thank you for your comment! hope you'll keep visiting!! - great blog