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Friday, July 30, 2010

For the Tough and Cool

Along with the classics and back-to-basics on the runway for the fall season, there were those who continued along the cool but slightly darker path. Although I occasionally become quite overcome with nostalgia for times such as the fall collections of Prada or Celine, I was pleased to see that the cool-tough look had not left the runways.

(photos from
(love these long socks)
Proenza Schouler Fall '10 - I absolutely love the tough vibe of the clothes. The make up is very dark, and completely in line with the clothes.

Alexander Wang Fall '10 - again with the long socks! love. The different textures in all the clothes are wonderful. There is still the rebel character but it has been compromised with tailored suit-dresses and the richness of the velvet. genius! and also a great usage of different elements to this collection!

I'll leave you guys with some music which definitely carries the vibes that these clothes do. Introducing Interpol. Sorry to leave music again!
what do you guys think of Interpol? yes? no?

Thoughts on the collections? Do you guys like the tough-rebel look; what were your favorite collections for this fall? Let me know! :)



Diana said...

i love the long socks and tough girl attitude for fall - im excited to wear it!

visit/follow me :)

Diana said...

and thank you for your comment girl :) i am also a new follower !!


Inc.Fashion said...

i love the styling! the dark hair with the dark lips!something il definitely be trying out this autumn! love your blog!

marina said...

love this collection.....!!!

check out my blog :)


style-haus said...

ooooh so much inspiration for fall! i love these looks and have to admit the alexander wang collection looks amazing!

p.s. for stopping by

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the pants in the first photo!

Khadija said...

Great clothes!

Nav said...

Love the Alexander Wang collection!


Nav said...

thanks for your comment! now following your lovely blog, would be great if you could follow back, we should have some more cool posts up soon!

have a great day!

durbansweatheart said...

gotta luv me some interpol. i luv it when u see the people in the band and luv em more. thx for showing me that.