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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Could it be the year of the cats?

(photo from
backstage @ Prada, Fall 10 show
Whoever thought glasses were uncool, well think again!

Cat-eye glasses are certainly on my mind this fall ever since Prada re-visited the oldies trend!
They're simple but there's still the 'flair' we all want. Both classic and quirky combine to create a perfect pair of glasses.

Barbie has cat-eyed glasses too.

Will you guys be sporting the cat-eye OR is that just a trend you would rather avoid?


style-haus said...

hmmmm, i just might buy a pair. you're right, quirky but so fun!

Effi said...

I just in love with the Prada cat-eye glasses, they're so gorgeous! I wish I had them!! great post(:
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

Rheanne said...

love these sunglasses but unfortunately sunglasses don't really suit me so i'll just have to look at them :(
love the blog ♥
Love, x

Rchliey said...

wow cat eye

Jennifer and Sherry said...

oh wow! they can look great on some people.!

Jennifer & Sherry

Runwayred7 said...

Great post! Feel free to follow me :)

Runwayred7 said...

Great post! Feel free to follow me :)

Ayanna Michelle said...

The glasses are great but not really suited for me. Not my style! But they are hot, I must say.

Diana said...

i must say i totalllly agree with you! i love the cat eyeglasses trend :) i like barbie's version haha!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i need those prada shades!

Anonymous said...

<3 those cat eye glasses...i think i might sport the gagas though

wsirimart said...

Alexander Wang cat eyes Sunglasses <3
Amazing design ,Love it! :)